Consultation Included
Eyebrows £85 (Per Session)
Lips £110 (Per Session)
Eyeliner Top & Bottom £85 (Per Session)
Microblading £100 (Per Session)

Permanent makeup of lips, eyebrows and eye lines

This is the number 1 method across the world used to emphasise the natural contour of lips, eyebrows and eyes by improving their shape.

During the treatment irritation and redness may appear, but these symptoms disappear quickly. It is OK to show up at work the next morning. Two days after the treatment the skin begins to peel off gently – it is a natural process. It is very important to moisturise the area with the right skin care product recommended by the beautician.

The first week after treatment the colouration of permanent makeup fades to 50% of its final colour. This means it is unnecessary to worry that directly after treatment the colour appears to be very intensive, even if only a slight makeup is being done.

For two weeks after having permanent makeup done it is best to avoid staying in the sun, using sunbeds, sauna, swimming pool or any other irritants.

After the procedure the skin should be nurtured according to the guidelines obtained from the beautician.

Three to six weeks after it is best to do a follow up appointment so the beautician can make appropriate corrections to strengthen and consolidate the results – this is always included in price.

Permanent makeup – who is it good for?

For anybody! Especially for those:
    Who usually look pale e.g pale lips
    Who appreciate comfort
    Leading a busy life, not having enough time to do their makeup in the morning
    Who takes part in sports, use swimming pools, sauna or gym
    Elderly, with low vision
    Planning to stay in the hospital
    No eyebrows or eyelashes, for example after chemotherapy
    Dry eye syndrome
    Diabetic retinopathy
    Suffering because of imperfections in the form of uneven contours, lack of symmetry of eyebrows and lips

Permanent makeup is not suitable for those who suffer with:

    unstable diabetes ( if the patient’s diabetes is under control, it is possible the treatment can be done with doctor’s consent)
    cancer, during chemotherapy. When the chemotherapy is completed it is safe to do the procedure.
    herpes, infections or skin inflammation
    anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding
    (Pregnant women are more prone to infections which could be potentially dangerous for the baby. Also the skin during pregnancy is more sensitive and prone to allergies).
    people who are taking blood – thinning medicines or steroids
    those who use serum for eyelash growth (eyeliner permanent makeup can be done 4 weeks after discontinuation of using the product)

Preparation for permanent makeup.

The quality of the treatment depends on the skills of the beautician and the products used. Your skin condition plays a big part in the outcome. It is strongly recommended to have your skin well moisturised before the treatment and it is best to use skin care products that contain Vitamin A.
Before getting your lips done it is best to not to use any lipstick or lip gloss for few days as they have a drying effect. Keep your lips well moisturised.
Do not shape your eyebrows before treatment as it makes it easier for the beautician to find the perfect shape. Do not shave your eyebrows!
Very important:

Before getting your permanent makeup done do not take any blood-thinning medication or substances. Such as :

Please let your beautician know if you are taking any medication, or about any cosmetic procedures like lip augmentation or botox to face.