Microdermobrasion (30 min) £20
Microdermobrasion + Acid + Serum + Mask £35
Microdermobrasion + Cavitation Peeling + Serum + Mask £40
Microdermobrasion mesoteraphy + Serum + Mask £50

Cavitation peeling

Cavitation peeling breaks the surface skin cells along with impurities and blackheads, removes excess sebum and unlocks the mouth of the glands. During the treatment, the sterilisation of epidermis occurs, which leads to lowering the amount of bacteria.

The micro- massage during this treatment improves blood circulation and oxygenation, which in effect nourishes the skin. The intensity is adjusted according to the individual needs of the patient.

The glowing skin effect is visible after the first treatment.

Advantages of cavitation peeling :

    Cleanses and smooths the skin

    Improves skin pigmentation

    Reduces acne (sterilisation effect )

    Increases the absorption of skin care products

    Smooths scars

    Removes dead skin

    Stimulates cells to natural regeneration

    Nourishes and moisturises the skin (micro-massage)

SONOPHORESIS (ultrasounds)

A relaxing and beneficial way of packing the deeper layers of the skin with active substances with the use of ultrasounds. The heat created during the treatment deeply penetrate tissues, relaxes the skin and the deep micro- massage improves blood and lymph flow as well as metabolism and regeneration of cells.

The aim of sonophoresis is :

    to reduce of wrinkles caused by dehydration

    firmer, moisturised and smoothed out skin

    to improve of blood and lymph circulation

    brighter complexion

    *Indications for treatment:

    face and body scrub

    aging of the skin

    calluses and miliardów

    skin depressions and irregularities

    seborrhoeic skin

    wrinkles and lines of expression

    stains and discolouration

    acne scars

    acne punctata

    *Complications :

    pregnancy and lactation

    cancers and states after their operating removal


    haemorrhagic diathesis

    heart failure

    acute inflammation and fever

    severe general condition


    states after X-rays treatment

    presence of metalic foreign bodies (e.g pacemakers )

    severe vegetative neurosis

    unexplained, persistent migraines


Microdermabrasion is a method of mechanical skin exfoliation layer by layer. It’s a procedure that effectively regenerates and rejuvenates the skin. The treatment is virtually painless, simple and quick. After the procedure the patient is not excluded from daily activities and can resume normal activity.

Micropeeling tones the skin, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It also stimulates the natural growth of new skin tissue.

    *Indications for Microdermabrasion:

    Acne vulgaris

    Acne scars


    Blackheads, milia

    Keratosis polarised

    Extended sebaceous glands

    Rough calluses

    Mechanical removal of statum corneum that leads to a dramatic increase of the penetration of skin care products

    Rejuvenation of the skin and the removal of delicate wrinkles around the area of eyes, lips and neck

    The treatment is also an ideal preparation before any laser treatments and chemical peelings.

    *Contradictions to Microdermabrasion :

    viral infections (herpes, many warts)

    bacterial infections (impetigo contagiosum, staphylococcal sycosis )

    fungal infections


    pustular acne

    any skin damage or irritations

    skin tumors and angiomas

    Roaccutan therapy (anti acne therapy) – interval of at least 3 months needed prior to treatment

    surgery of the face (2 months after surgery)

    cavernous hemangioma

    tendency to keloid

Preparation before diamond microdermabrasion

5 days prior to treatment please avoid:

    chemical peels

    electrolysis, waxing

    rough sponge/brush for face cleaning


    homemade peelings

    Skin care after the treatment :

    avoid sunbathing for about 7 days

    avoid swimming in chlorinated water for the first 48 hours

    use sunscreen lotion every time you are exposed to sunlight

    in the first week after having microdermabrasion treatment please avoid sunbeds, sauna, fitness, epilation and peelings.